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Delicious, organic and Fair trade dried fruit & nuts

Since its creation in 2004, Agro Sourcing has been a family company specialised in importing organic and fair trade dired fruit and nuts. Our job involves searching all over the world, looking for high quality fruit and meaningful projects, with specific attention for both the producers and their social, ecological and economic environment.

We build and develop our own programs locally and set up supply chains until the distribution of the products to our clients. This approach make us real specialists of organic dried fruit and nuts.

Des amandes en Provence
Des amandes en Provence
Agro Sourcing investit dans la relocalisation des amandes en Provence. Agro Sourcing s’engage et investit dans la société Amandera, un beau projet agro écologique visant à restaurer les sols et les écosystèmes malmenés par des pratiques agricoles aujourd’hui devenues obsolètes. Le projet : au nord d’Aix-en-Provence, un premier ilot de…
Natexpo Golden Award
Natexpo Golden Award
Our chocolate spread “75%” rewarded by the Natexpo Golden Award! The Natexpo Awards reward the most innovative, useful, practical and original organic products, offering real benefits to consumers. For this 2020 edition, our very recent innovation, the chocolate spread “75%” was unanimously approved by the Natexpo’s jury and therefore received…
Cashew nuts from Vietnam: certified Fair trade
Cashew nuts from Vietnam: certified Fair trade
For more than 8 years, we have been working on our cashew nuts program from Vietnam in the spirit of fair trade, with regular support of local agronomists to help producers to improve their organic farming technics, the quality of the products, to promote agroforestry to guarantee the preservation of…