Our CSR policy

Our CSR policy

We strive to build sustainable Sourcing Programs that respect Humans and the Environment.

PLANÈTE PÉPITE : Sourcing Programs

Partner with our producers for high-quality dried fruits, valued at a fair price.

• Establish long-term relationships with our producers.

• Provide technical support to our producers.

• Provide financial aid and a fair income to our producers.


Integrate a strong ecological dimension at all levels of our Sourcing Programs.

• Encourage agricultural practices that are more respectful of the Planet.

• Limit our CO2 emissions in our own Sourcing Programs.

• Reduce our consumption of non-renewable resources.

PLANÈTE PÉPITE : Shared Values

Raising the awareness among our stakeholders to the challenges of the dried fruit industry (societal, health, quality).

• Train our customers on the social issues of dried fruit.

• Develop our Sourcing Programs in collaboration with our stakeholders.


Encourage our employees to adhere to our corporate mission.

• Yearly training of all our employees on our Sourcing Programs.

• Raise our employees’ awareness of CSR issues by organizing discussions around these topics.